Brock Lesnar returns to the WWE!!!

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Brock Lesnar returns to the WWE!!!

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:46 am

On Raw in Miami, Florida, John Cena asked The Rock to come to the ring so that he may publically admit defeat & congratulate him on his WrestleMania win. Instead, coming down the isle, was the return of former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar! As the fans gave him a standing ovation, Brock entered the ring and made a strong statement by giving Cena an F5 in the middle of the ring.


- After CM Punk defended his WWE championship against Mark Henry, Chris Jericho came out of the crowd and insulted the battered champion by pouring whiskey in his face and smashing another bottle on his head.

- Lord Tensai made his debut, whom many fans who followed the WWE for years know him formely as Albert a.k.a. A-Train.


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