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In front of a sellout crowd of over 25,000 fans, Monday Night Raw hosted a live 3-hour special from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan that was full of surprises and even a celebration.

John Cena expected to meet Brock Lesnar in the ring for the official contract signing for Extreme Rules, but instead he was visited by WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who gave Cena a pep talk, telling him to beat Lesnar this Sunday.

In an attempt to get back at Kane for beating his father, Randy Orton tied up his dad, Paul Bearer and stuffed him in a refrigration unit, but it only made Kane laugh as he stated that he lacks compasion.

As Brock Lesnar arrived to the Joe late, SmackDown commentator Josh Matthews attempted to get word from the 3-time WWE champion, but instead he was thrown around in the parking lot and was taken away to the hospital.

Originally, Beth Phoenix was supposed to defend her Divas championship against Nikki Bella, but newly appointed Executive Administrator to Raw GM John Lauranitis, Eve announced that the title match would be a lumberjill match. As divas surrounded the ring during the match, Beth injured her ankle outside the ring, which allowed Nikki to take advantage become the new WWE Divas Champion.

Believing that WWE Champion CM Punk had been drinking, John Lauranitis ordered a live soberity test and if he failed, the title would be forfeited to Chris Jericho. After CM Punk was pleading his case, including saying WWF which got the cheering loudly, he supposedly failed the test, only to reveal that he was sober afterwards.

Before World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus could go 1-on-1 with Mark Henry, much to the delight of the fans chanting "YES", Daniel Bryan was brought in as the special guest referee. The match soon ended with a quick count from Bryan as Mark Henry was declared the winner.

After Brock Lesnar entered the ring, he 'discussed' business with John Lauranitis about to be made in the WWE. When the agreement was made, John Cena appeared with a chain & signed the Extreme Rules contract.

After Raw went off the air, the WWE locker room, Triple H, and even Vince McMahon all showed up to join the WWE Universe to celebrate John Cena's birthday. There was no cake involved, but Cena was just as happy with a diva pile-on.


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