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The Detroit Red Wings are currently in danger of having their playoff streak of 25 years snapped. They are tied with Buffalo in last place of the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference with 49 points (20-20-9).On Tuesday, the second half of the season begins with a home game at the Joe Louis Arena against New Jersey, which begins at 7:30 pm. While the Red Wings look to, at the very least, go on a point streak to get back in the playoff picture, here is what the playoffs would look like if it began today....

ATLANTIC BRACKET (Eastern Conference)
- #1 Montreal (65 pts.) vs. #WC1 N.Y. Rangers (63 pts.)
- #2 Ottawa (58 pts.) vs. #3 Boston (56 pts.)

- #1 Washington (72 pts.) vs. #WC2 Philadelphia (56 pts.)
- #2 Columbus (68 pts.) vs. #3 Pittsburgh (65 pts.)

CENTRAL BRACKET (Western Conference)
- #1 Minnesota (69 pts.) vs. #WC2 St. Louis (53 pts.)
- #2 Chicago (65 pts.) vs. #3 Nashville (56 pts.)

PACIFIC BRACKET (Western Conference)
- #1 San Jose (64 pts.) vs. #WC1 Calgary (53 pts.)
- #2 Edmonton (64 pts.) vs. #3 Anaheim (63 pts.)


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